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Christopher - September 2008

If you like intrigue, topical scams, and a bit of sex thrown in, then you must read this first novel by Tom Hayward. You don't need to be a golfer to enjoy this rags to riches book. This is an insight into the world of professional sport as seen through the eyes of two young professional sportsmen and in particular Christopher Disley, a young golfer. It is not a description of rounds of golf! A new sponsor, a new wife and newly found success in his chosen career. But then the past catches up whilst on honeymoon in Dubai and this is just the start of his involvement in the world of power, sex, and corruption. As Chris’s career progresses he is made aware of the ways in which someone in the public eye can be open to threats by greedy and unscrupulous persons. But Chris is a clever planner and with the assistance of his friend and caddy, Roger, overcome the false accusations and bribery which leads to a thrilling and unexpected climax. So – grab yourself a copy – NOW !

Have a look at an interview with the author at:- https://www.smashwords.com/interview/ropleytig

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